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MLIC GRE prep course offered in Boston area is the best, structured GRE Coaching program to help you prepare for GRE scores in the 90th percentile.

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310+ GRE Score Guarantee

MLIC offers the best GRE prep courses in Boston, Mass and elsewhere and all GRE preparation programs are backed by 310+ GRE Score Gurantee.

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GRE Course Strucure

MLIC GRE prep courses require participants to complete 110+ hours of solid training in GRE assessment areas, structured in three distinct phases.

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GRE Online Prep

MLIC pioneered Online prep course for the GRE, which uses the same training methodology as our in-class prep courses and is backed by the same 310+ GRE score guarantee.

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MLIC GRE Prep Advantage

MLIC is the world-leader in delivering goal-driven and skill-enhancing GRE prep courses backed by the industry-leading 310+ GRE Score Guarantee.


MLIC GRE training courses feature training materials that include questions reflecting the LIVE emphasis on current GRE administrations so that you can receive the most relevant training in GRE assessmentareas. Unlike Kaplan GRE, Princeton Review GRE, Powerscore, Testmasters that feed you useless tricks using part-time student instructors, MLIC actively coaches you in GRE assessment areas to make you GRE-competent.


MLIC offers structured GRE training in GRE assessment areas in three distinct phases, and require participants to undergo 120+ hours of high-impact training in GRE assessment areas.

  • Best GRE Prep materials reflecting LIVE GRE problems in current GRE administrations.
  • Best GRE training methdology that imparts strong conceptual and procedural skills, arms you with the best test-taking Strategies, and includes Diagnostic assessment of your weaknesses.
  • Best Professional GRE Trainers who have over 10 years of teaching experience. MLIC does not hire part time students as Kaplan, Princeton Review, Testmasters, Powerscore, and others do.
  • MLIC offers serious GRE coaching. All other GRE prep courses feed you some useless tricks that do not work in Computer Adaptive format of GRE. Be Wise. Choose MLIC GRE Prep.
  • MLIC GRE prep is backed by industry-leading 310+ GRE Score Guarantee. No other GRE Prep course offers this goal-specific and respectable GRE Score Guarantee. Read why MLIC GRE prep is the best by clicking on WHY BETTER.

Where & When of GRE Prep in Boston, MA

Where are the GRE Prep classes held?

MLIC GRE prep course is offered once each month starting on the FOURTH Friday and ending on the following Monday, and held at Double Tree Guest suites, 400 Soldiers Field Road. Boston MA 02134-1893.

When are the GRE Prep Courses offered

GRE Turboprep® course in Boston area is offered for a fresh batch of participants once each month, starting on the FOURTH Friday of the month and ending on the following Monday. The classroom course is offered in 4-day, 32-hour format, with GRE classes running on 4 consecutive days. For example, the Fourth Friday in June 2015 falls on June 26, 2015; Boston GRE prep course will start on this date (06/26/2015) and finish on the following Monday (06/29/2015). The GRE classes in Boston run according to the following schedule:

In-Class Prep Hours
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Sentence Completion/Equivalence Review
4 Hours
Lunch break will be between 1:15 pm and 2:00 pm on Days 2 to 4. All participants will also be required to complete after-class home assignment requiring a commitment of 1 hour of work. Completed home assignment will be reviewed in class by your GRE Coach the following day.

GRE Prep course Fee

The course fee for the GRE Turboprep Course offered in Boston, Mass is $1,299 and can be paid with major credit cards such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover.

GRE Prep Course Structure

All Registered participants in MLIC GRE Turboprep® Course will be required to complete pre-course GRE training requiring a commitment of 50 hours before attending the classroom training. The pre-class GRE training can be completed from your home/office/school and does not require classroom attendance.


What is covered in pre-course GRE Training? The pre-class GRE training covers Analytical Writing (3+3 essays), Refresher Math (algebra 101, statistics 101, algebra, properties of numbers, ratios, proportions, probability, review of geometry formulas), review of vocabulary and strategies for verbal sections. The assignments you complete will create the diagnostic baseline for classroom training (40 hours). After the GRE classroom training ends, you will be required to complete another 40 hours of post-class GRE training before you take the GRE exam.

What is covered in the Post-Class GRE Training? During the post-class GRE training, you will work on mandatory practice tests and, additionally, any specific assignments created for you by your in-class GRE Coach. There will be at least 1 virtual interaction with the GRE trainer for the group with the GRE instructor. You will be working under the guidance and supervision of the GRE Coach during the post-class phase of GRE preparation. You will be required to take the GRE test within 30 days of completing the GRE classroom training in order to be eligible for 310+ GRE Score Guarantee.

GRE Score Guarantee

All GRE prep course participants are eligible for 310+ GRE Score Guarantee under which they are guaranteed a combiend GRE Score of at least 310 in the quantitative and verbal sections of the revised GRE General test provided they validate the GRE score Guarantee. Click here to read more about GRE score Guarantee validation requirements.
If you are looking for information about MLIC GMAT Prep courses in Boston, Mass, go to: BOSTON GMAT Prep Courses. For GRE Prep in New York city, Go to NYC GRE Prep.