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All GRE prep courses offered by MLIC -- Turboprep® GRE course and ONLINE GRE course -- are backed by industry-leading 310+ GRE Score Guarantee. You will be required to validate the score guarantee by meeting the requirements for Score Guarantee explained below.

MLIC GRE prep courses outclass the worthless tutorial sessions offered by companies such as Kaplan GRE, Princeton Review GRE, Testmasers, Powerscore, Veritas Prep, and all others. What sets MLIC GRE prep courses apart from other preparatory options is the industry-leading 310+ GRE Test Score Guarantee that requires you to validate the Score Guarantee by meeting the following requirements:

  • complete to the best of your ability 50-hours of pre-course training covering Analytical Writing, vocabulary review, review of strategies for verbal sections, and extensive GRE Math review -- comprising properties of numbers, factoring, ratios and proportions, probability, algebra basics including exponents and inequalities, and concepts in statistics such as averages, median, mode, and standard deviation.
  • Attend all in-class training sessions (42 hours) and complete after-class home assignments (typically 4 hours), and actively participate in in-class tests and activities.
  • Complete post-class training (requires a commitment of at least 40 hours), including attend web review sessions with your in-class GRE coach.
  • Take the revised GRE test within 30 days of completing the in-class training sessions.
  • If you are enrolled in the Online prep course/ Virtual classes for the GRE, you will be required to complete all 120 hours of training, actively participate in the Virtual Class sessions featuring lectures and test reviews in small groups, and in customized telephonic review sesssions that may be scheduled to discuss your specific weaknesses in an assessment area.
  • If you are attending the MLIC GRE Online prep course with Virtual classes, then you must not miss attending two Virtual Class sessions in a row. If you do not attend two virtual class sessions in a row or do not submit the assignments reasonably close to the deadline dates provided for completion of your online assignments, you may not be eligible for the 310+ GRE Score Guarantee.
  • You must fax a copy of the official GRE score report from ETS® as soon as you receive it and complete the score guarantee training within 6 months of the original dates of attendance.
If, after meeting the GRE Score Guarantee eligibility requirements, you do not get a combined total score of at least 310 in the GRE math and verbal assessment areas of the revised GRE General Test in which the scoring scale is 130-170 for each of the verbal and quantitative sections, your subsequent training support will be free. MLIC 310+ GRE score guaratee does not imply refund of GRE prep course fee paid but only a commitment to provide further training required to help you achieve a combined total score of at least 310 out of 340 in the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE. MLIC GRE prep courses are the only ones backed by industry-leading Score Guarantee, and offer the best value for your GRE prep dollars. Enroll in the goal-driven GRE prep courses offered by MLIC today, and get started on the kick-ass GRE training required to achieve a combined total score of better than 330 in the non-essay sections of the GRE General Test .
The fee for the GRE Turboprep® courses offered in the USA and Canada is U$1,495. The fee in all overseas locations (England, Germany, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney) is U$1,695. The fee is U$795 or IRS35,000 in India (Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi). Explore the links on this page and learn about MLIC GRE course structure, Testimonials about MLIC GRE Prep, Course Centers, GRE Online prep course, and read the testimonials about MLIC GRE courses. For more information, Contact Us.
GRE Prep Home, Structure, Why MLIC GRE is the best, etc.
GRE Prep Home

All MLIC GRE courses - Turboprep & Online prep - employ the best training methodology, best training materials, and best trainers. Use LIVE GRE questions. Read more.

Course Structure

MLIC GRE prep courses require you to complete 120 hours of training in 3 distinct phases. Read more.

Competition Analysis

MLIC GRE prep easily outclasses Kaplan GRE, Princeton Review, GRE, Powerscore, etc. MLIC offers the best training in GRE assessment areas. Read more.


MLIC takes its training obligations seriously as revealed in the unsolicited testimonials. Read more.

Fee, Registration

MLIC GRE Turboprep courses carry a fee of U$1,495 in U.S.A and Canada. The fee is U$1,695 overseas except India, where the fee is U$795.The fee in London, England is GBP1,095 or U$1,795. Register Here.

Online Prep Course

MLIC GRE Online prep course is the industry-leading prep option that includes Virtual Classes hosted in real-time and for small groups of our trainees. Read more.