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MLIC GRE Prep Course Structure

MLIC GRE Turboprep® courses require that you complete at least 120 hours of highly relevant training in the GRE assessment areas, and demonstrate your understanding of concepts, procedures, and strategies so that we can determine that you have acquired the conceptual, procedural, and strategic skills required to do well at the high difficulty level of the GRE and so that you can shoot for and reach scores in excess of 330 on the GRE General Test.

MLIC GRE prep courses outclass the worthless tutorial sessions offered by companies such as Kaplan GRE, Princeton Review GRE, Testmasers, Powerscore, Manhattan Review, and all others. MLIC offers the most highly structured training in GRE assessmenet areas, and put you through the paces with at least 120 hours of training in three distinct phases.

GRE Course Structure
All registered participants in our industry-leading, goal-driven, and skill-enhancing GRE preparatory courses are required to complete at least 120 hours of training in three distinct phases; PRE-CLASS TRAINING, IN-CLASS TRAINING, AND POST-CLASS TRAINING.
GRE Pre-course Training (40-50 hours)
As soon as you register or about 4-6 weeks before the start of in-class training for GRE - whichever is later - you will receive instructions for downloading the required pre-class training files covering GRE assessment areas. The files are in PDF format and can be viewed using the ADOBE ACROBAT READER 6.0 or better. MLICETS pre-course training uses the most relevant and frequently updated study and assignment materials that reflect the live emphasis seen on the most recent GRE General Test administrations.. The purpose of pre-course training is to give you refresher training in math basics and have you demonstrate your competencies in the quantitative basics and have you review the basics of analytical writing, reading comprehension, and other sections of verbal assessment. The pre-class training can be completed in 40 to 50 hours, and includes mandatory pre-training in the following GRE assessment areas.
  • Review of Analytical Writing basics and completion of 6 writing tasks -- 3 GRE PERSPECTIVE essays, and 3 GRE Analysis of an Argument essays.
  • Review of Vocabulary that is frequently tested on the GRE General Test.
  • Review of Strategy and procedures for dealing with the GRE Verbal assessment sections such as Sentence Completion, Analogies, and Antonyms.
  • Review of Anchor-Phrase Strategy for GRE Reading Comprehension, and procedures for making Logical interpretation of context-specific information relevant to the question.
  • Review of Quantitative Concepts in Numbers Theory, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, and Word problems; Review of Geometry formulas; completion of concept-specific assignments in Numbers Theory, Statistics including mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and weighted averages, and algebra.
The pre-class work will be evaluated by your in-class course instructor, who will use your completed work as a baseline for determining what specific additional help may need to be offered to you in order to get you up to speed. The pre-class GRE training is a critical part of your ability to derive the most benefit out of our in-class GRE training, and completing the GRE prep-course assignments to the best of your ability is a requirement for validating your 310+ GRE Score Guarantee. You must attempt to complete all of the required pre-class training assignments to the best of your ability and have your instructor review your work during the in-class training phase. GRE prep course participants who complete the required pre-class training to the best of their ability usually go on to make better than 1400 on the GRE Total score when they take the GRE exam after attending the GRE Turboprep course. Register in MLICETS GRE prep courses early so that you can be started on the required pre-class training in earnest and so that you can leverage the benefits of our kick-ass GRE coaching.
In-class Training (40-42 hours)
In the industry-leading, skill-enhancing, and goal-driven Turboprep course option, you will receive 42 hours of no-nonsense coaching during the in-class phase of training. During the in-class part of the GRE coaching, you will have your pre-course work reviewed by your instructor, who will use the completed work as a diagnostic benchmark for determining progress during the in-class training. The in-class training will reinforce conceptual and procedural understanding required to excel in the GRE assessment areas, train you using high-difficulty level questions reflecting the emphasis seen on the most recent live questions on the GRE, and identify your unique difficulties and weaknesses in order to customize your training in a small group setting. (The group size is typically between 6 and 10 people). You will be required to actively participate in several practice tests and after-class home assigments that will be reviewed for specific strategies for improving your test-taking skills and for enhancing your understanding of the concepts and procedures. Your instructor will advise you in no uncertain terms what specific course of action that you need to engage in so that you can apply the concepts and procedures consistently and effectively. The in-class training will focus on all of the three assessment areas tested on the GRE, and will train you using the latest GRE problems appearing at high difficulty level so that you can be assured of having received training sufficient to shoot for and achieve a GRE score of better than 330. Unlike Kaplan GRE, Powerscore, and Princeton Review GRE courses that offer you useless Q&A sessions spread typically over 6-8 weeks and cover 18 to 24 hours (and taught by part-time student instructors who tutor for hourly pay), MLICETS GRE prep courses offer you serious 120-hours of serious coaching in GRE conceptual and GRE procedural areas that are critical to getting a GRE score in the 90th percentile in each of the two adaptive areas of the GRE. We force you to learn and make you demonstrate to us that you are up to speed in the GRE assessment areas that are critical to achieving the GRE score in the top 10% of test-takers. The inclass training allows us to customize support and coaching for you in order to make you efficient, competent, and confident in the GRE test sections. MLIC GRE prep is truly the best prep option to prepare for the GRE General Test. Register in MLICETS GRE prep courses early.
Post-class Training (40 hours)
All GRE course participants who participate in our in-class training courses for the GRE-CAT are expected to complete an additional 40-50 hours of post-class training, which will include several timed GRE tests and practice exercises. The objective of post-class GRE training is help you get additional practice and training in the GRE assessment areas that are critical to reaching a score of 330 or better and to enable MLICETS monitor your progress in areas identified as your weak areas during the in-class training. Your instructor will also customize the post-course training for you, customization based on your deficiencies observed and identified during the in-class training phase. Typically, you will be required to participate in at least in one web seminar in which you will review some of the post-class assignments with your in-class professional GRE coach. Your instructor will also be available for real-time support anytime during the post-course phase, and real-time support is provided in the form of telephonic review sessions and online review sessions so that you will continue to receive critical support all the way and during the home-stretch. Because we care about how well you do on the GRE, we will leave no stone unturned and make sure that you receive the best coaching support in the GRE-critical areas before, during, and after the in-class part of the Turboprep training program. MLICETS offers the best GRE coaching programs you can ever find. Register in MLICETS GRE prep courses today, and rest assured that you will be receiving the most relevant, professional, competent, and skill-enhancing training in the GRE assessment areas, using the emphasis seen on the current LIVE questions on the GRE.
If you want to get more information about our GRE ONLINE PREP COURSE, please click on the link provided. NEW! - Our GRE Online prep course features LIVE Virtual Classes to simulate the in-class experience.
The fee for the GRE Turboprep® courses offered in the USA and Canada is U$1,495. The fee in all overseas locations (England, Germany, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney) is U$1,895. The fee is U$795 or IRS35,000 in India (Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi). Explore the links on this page and learn about MLIC GRE course structure, 310+ Score Guarantee, Course Centers, GRE Online prep course, and read the testimonials about MLIC GRE courses. For more information or to register in our courses, you can Contact Us.
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MLIC GRE Turboprep courses carry a fee of U$1,495 in U.S.A and Canada. The fee is U$1,695 overseas except India, where the fee is U$795.The fee in London, England is GBP1,095 or U$1,795. Register Here

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