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MLIC has been an acknowledged leader in creating and offering goal-driven and skill-enhancing GRE prep courses backed by industry-leading 310+ GRE test score guarantee since 1991. MLIC is the only testpreparation company that monitors the GRE General Test on an on-going basis, and actively trains you in concepts and questions that reflect the emphasis seen on the currently LIVE GRE test questions. All other test preparation companies such as Kaplan and Princeton Review use outdated and stale materials that do not reflect the content of the current GRE General test administration. Choose the best GRE preparation course: Register in MLIC GRE prep course today and get started on goal-driven and skill-enhancing GRE preparation that will enable you to achieve combined total scores in excess of 330 in the quantitative and verbal sections of the revised GRE General test.

GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATION is created and administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS®)>strong> and required by admission to Graduate study programs in Science, Engineering, Liberal Arts. Lately, some Graduate Schools of Business such as Stanford and Harvard have indicated that they will accept GRE General Test scores for admission consideration. The ranking of Graudate schools that require GRE General Test scores for admission to their Graduate programs is as follows:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
2 Stanford University, CA
4 Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
5 University of Illinois at Urbana-champaign

1. Stanford University, CA
2. M.I. T, Cambridge, MA / UC-Berkeley, CA

1. California Institute of Technology, Malibu, CA
2. M.I.T./ Stanford / UC-Berkeley

1. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
2. Stanford University, CA
3. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

1. M.I.T., / Univeristy of Chicago
2. Harvard / Princeton University / Stanford/ UC-Berkeley

1. Syracuse University
2. University of Georgia
3. Indiana University -Bloomington
4. Harvard University
5. University of Southern California
7. Kansas University
8. American University, DC
9. New York University, NYC
10. University of Texas, Austin.

1. Indiana University at Bloomington
Syracuse Univeristy, Syracuse, NY
3. Harvard University
4. Indiana University - Purdue
5. University of Minnesota &
University of Southern California.

MLICETS offers GRE prep courses backed by 310+ revised GRE test Score Guarantee, and provides the best training using the best, frequently updated training materials, and using the best trainers. MLIC monitors the changes as and when they are announced and implemented, and make appropriate changes to its training methods and the curriculum so that you will continue to receive the best, kick-ass, and skill-enhancing coaching for GRE General Test. MLICETS -- the industry-leader in goal-driven and skill-enhancing GRE, GMAT, and LSAT preparation courses worldwide. Register in the industry-leading MLIC GRE prep course today.
The fee for the GRE Turboprep® courses offered in the USA and Canada is U$1,495. The fee in all overseas locations (England, Germany, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney) is U$1,795. The fee is U$795 or IRS35,000 in India (Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi). Explore the links on this page and learn about MLIC GRE course structure, 310+ Score Guarantee, Course Centers, GRE Online prep course, and read the testimonials about MLIC GRE courses. You can contact us to get more information about our programs.
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Score Guarantee

All MLIC GRE courses - Turboprep & Online prep - are backed by 3100+ Score Guarantee. Read more.

Course Structure

MLIC GRE prep courses require you to complete 120 hours of training in 3 distinct phases. Read more.

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MLIC GRE prep easily outclasses Kaplan GRE, Princeton Review, GRE, Powerscore, etc. Read more.


MLIC takes its training obligations seriously as revealed in the unsolicited testimonials. Read more.

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MLIC GRE Turboprep courses carry a fee of U$1,495 in U.S.A and Canada. The fee is U$1,795 overseas except India, where the fee is U$795.The fee in London, England is GBP1,095 or U$1,795. Register Now.

Online Prep Course

MLIC GRE Online prep course is the industry-leading prep option that includes Virtual Classes hosted in real-time and for small groups of our trainees. Read more.

What is GRE®

GRE® General test is a reasoning test that is required by most Graduate schools for admission to their programs in engineering, science, arts, and business. Lately, even some Graduate Business Schools such as Stanford and Harvard have announced that they will accept GRE® tests scores in lieu of GMAT® test scores for admission to their Graduate programs in Business Administration. Read more.