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MLIC GRE Turboprep® courses require that you complete at least 120 hours of highly relevant training in the GRE assessment areas, and demonstrate your understanding of concepts, procedures, and strategies so that we can determine that you have acquired the conceptual, procedural, and strategic skills required to do well at the high difficulty level of the GRE and so that you can shoot for and reach combined scores in excess of 330 in the quantitative and verbal assessment areas of the revised GRE General Test.

MLIC GRE prep courses outclass the worthless tutorial sessions offered by companies such as Kaplan GRE, Princeton Review GRE, Testmasers, Powerscore, Manhattan Geview, GRE Zone,, and all others. MLIC offers GRE prep courses, using the best training methodology, best training materials, and the best professional trainers. No wonder, MLIC GRE prep course is the best preparatory option to prepare for the GRE General Test.

The Schedule for MLIC GRE Prep Courses


FORMAT OF THE GRE PREP COURSESThe GRE prep courses are offered in two formats: 5-Day, 40-hour Turboprep in-class training course that requires 40-50 hours of pre-class training and 40 hours of post-class training AND the industry-leading GRE ONLINE PREP COURSE, that imparts at least 120 hours of kick-ass training over 4 to 12 weeks.
SCHEDULE FOR THE 5-DAY TURBOPREP™ GRE COURSEIn all the U.S.A. GRE Turboprep™ centers, the 5-day 40-hour GRE Turboprep course is offered over FIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS starting on a Friday as per schedule below:
FRIDAY -- 05:00 p.m. to 09:00 p.m.; SATURDAY THRU TUESDAY: 09:30 A.M. to 07:00 P.M. (All participants are required to complete after-class GRE assignments on Days 2 through 4, each home after-class GRE assignment requiring about 1 hour worth of effort.); In all European, Canadian, Far Eastern, Australian locations, the classes are held according to the following schedule: FRIDAY: 10:00 A.M. TO 06:30 P.M.; SATURDAY THRU TUESDAY: 09:30 A.M. TO 06:30 P.M. (LONDON GRE TURBOPREP CLASSES RUN FROM 09:00 A.M. TO 06:30 P.M. ON ALL FIVE DAYS). All GRE prep course participants are required to complete after-class GRE assignments on Days 1 through 4, each after-class GRE assignment requiring at least 1 hour worth of effort).
SCHEDULE FOR THE GRE ONLINE PREP COURSEThe ONLINE prep course requires that registered participants complete AT LEAST 120 hours of training (the same as in our goal-driven, skill-enhancing, kick-ass, industry-leading GRE Turboprep courses) spread over 4 to 12 weeks. If you want to complete all the mandatory and remedial assignments over a typical 6 week period, you will be required to spend at least 15 to 20 hours per week completing assignments, reviewing study and strategy files, interacting with your dedicated instructor, and participating in telephonic/online review sessions. If you want to complete the training in 4 weeks, you will be required to spend about 30 hours per week in order to meet our score Guarantee eligibility requirements. The GRE Online prep course by MLIC now includes LIVE WEB LECTURES in small groups to simulate the in-class experience.
FEE FOR THE GRE PREP COURSESThe fee for TURBOPREP GRE COURSE IN ALL U.S.A and CANADIAN locations is US$1,495. The fee for the GRE Turboprep course in Europe, Far East, Japan, South East Asia, and Australia is US$1,795. The fee for the GRE Turboprep course in Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta (Kolkatta), Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore is US$795. The fee for the industry-leading MLIC GRE ONLINE prep course is US$695 everywhere.


MLIC offers industry-leading GRE ONLINE prep course that does not require you to attend in-class sessions but give you the in-class experience by having you participate in our live web lectures that teach you the verbal and math concepts. Like our industry-leading GRE Turboprep® course, GRE Online prep course trains you using high-difficulty level questions reflecting the emphasis seen on the currently LIVE GRE questions. MLIC GRE ONLINE prep course is NOT a self-study program. If you enroll in this program, you will be set up with a dedicated instructor, who will be responsible for scheduling your weekly study and assignment completion plans, for correcting and providing feedback on the completed and returned weekly assignments, for scheduling telephonic review sessions during the training period, and for customizing the training on the basis of your weaknesses as identified from your completed and returned assignments. The program requires you to commit 120 hours spread over 4 to 12 weeks. If you want to complete the training in 4 weeks in accelerated schedule, you will be required to spend about 30 hours per week over 4 weeks. The training program in normal schedule can be completed in about 6 to 8 weeks, with a weekly commitment of about 15 to 20 hours per week. The fee for the GRE ONLINE prep course is U$695. You can get more information about our industry-leading GRE ONLINE prep course by clicking on this link: GRE ONLINE PREP COURSE
The fee for the GRE Turboprep® courses offered in the USA and Canada is U$1,495. The fee in all overseas locations (England, Germany, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney) is U$1,795. The fee is U$795 or IRS35,000 in India (Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi). Explore the links on this page and learn about MLIC GRE course structure, 310+ Score Guarantee, Course Centers, GRE Online prep course, and read the testimonials about MLIC GRE courses. For more information, Contact Us.
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All MLIC GRE courses - Turboprep & Online prep - employ the best training methodology, best training materials, and best trainers. Use LIVE GRE questions. Read more.

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MLIC GRE prep courses are offered in U.S.A, Canada, and Worldwide. Read about course centers, start dates, and schedule. Read more.

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MLIC GRE prep easily outclasses Kaplan GRE, Princeton Review, GRE, Powerscore, etc. Read more.


MLIC takes its training obligations seriously as revealed in the unsolicited testimonials. Read more.

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MLIC GRE Turboprep courses carry a fee of U$1,495 in U.S.A and Canada. The fee is U$1,795 overseas except India, where the fee is U$795.The fee in London, England is GBP1,095 or U$1,795. Register Here.

Online Prep Course

MLIC GRE Online prep course is the industry-leading prep option that includes Virtual Classes hosted in real-time and for small groups of our trainees. Read more.


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What is GRE®

GRE® General test is a reasoning test that is required by most Graduate schools for admission to their programs in engineering, science, arts, and business. Lately, even some Graduate Business Schools such as Stanford and Harvard have announced that they will accept GRE® tests scores in lieu of GMAT® test scores for admission to their Graduate programs in Business Administration. Read more.